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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthunderstormthun‧der‧storm /ˈθʌndəstɔːm $ -dərstɔːrm/ ●●○ noun [countable]  HEMDNa storm with thunder and lightningsee thesaurus at storm
Examples from the Corpus
thunderstormThen there were the relentless winds, hailstones bigger than oranges, tornadoes, and breathtaking thunderstorms.Hail was recorded on eight days, accompanied by thunderstorms on October 15,23 and 28.But, as if to rip up the quiet, there was a magnificent thunderstorm.I drove south into Colorado during the night, and six or more thunderstorms followed me.He arrived back just in time to avoid an overdue thunderstorm.There was a spectacular thunderstorm that night.Summer thunderstorms may be life raining on itself.Around 3 p.m. the dark clouds of the thunderstorm rolled in.He had slept well, entirely oblivious of the thunderstorms that Edith told him somewhat reproachfully had kept her sleepless an night.