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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverdantver‧dant /ˈvɜːdənt $ ˈvɜːr-/ adjective literary  DNverdant land is thickly covered with fresh green plants syn lush verdant fields
Examples from the Corpus
verdantJust out of the sound of the sea, it is as verdant and gently rolling as Mr Inshaw's image.Here in the verdant environs of Forest House is unchanged rural Essex.The world abounds in verdant forest tracts that were years ago laid waste by man or natural calamity.It appeared to be an old two-dimensional film presentation; an old fashioned oil-driven military vehicle was speeding across a verdant green field.Sunshine, warm smiles and a skyline of gently rounded peaks dressed in verdant green meadows and lush forests.Its near presence is rather overpowering and intimidating yet it is softened by the verdant greenery around its base.verdant hillsThe verdant setting of these open air concerts was ideal.Pompeii lay in verdant, wine-growing country and so gave special prominence to Venus, goddess of fecundity, Hercules and Bacchus.