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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoidvoid1 /vɔɪd/ ●○○ noun [singular]  1 SAD/UNHAPPYa feeling of great sadness that you have when someone you love dies or when something is taken from you Running the business helped to fill the void after his wife died.2 a situation in which something important or interesting is needed or wanted, but does not exist The amusement park will fill a void in this town, which has little entertainment for children.3 DNSPACE/GAP literary an empty area of space where nothing exists She looked over the cliff into the void.
Examples from the Corpus
voidI can't think of a thousand acres of natural activity as a void.If you like arcade action with some basis in statistical reality, there has been a void.As such, his departure leaves a void.A void grows around the sewer or in the vicinity of it and eventually the ground above collapses into the void.It had become aware of the blossoming void long before the situation at Princetown was officially acknowledged.Unable to provide for his wife and children, McCree was adrift in a great void.fill the voidIn the resulting culture of pain, sadness and despair, disenfranchised young men fill the void of personal power with guns.But Mountbatten was gone and no one would ever quite fill the void he left.Anger flared again to fill the void.After losing her job, Molly began eating to fill the void in her life.But somebody has to fill the void.Husbands may put even more effort and hours into employment outside the home to fill the void.The Clippers have been invited to fill the void for, oh, the last five years.So we try to fill the void by attacking other people, somehow taking esteem from them.A major consideration in 1983 was to fill the void left by the closure of the old dockyard.fill ... voidIndependent labels are usually refreshingly uncompromising, they fill a void in the corporate music scheme.Others renter the work force after raising a finally, to fill a void in their lives.The amusement park will fill a void in this town, which has little entertainment for children.