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westwest3 ●●● S3 W3 adverb (written abbreviation W)  1 DNtowards the west The route then heads west over Gerrick Moor.west of The walk starts at Alnham, six miles west of Bridge of Aln. a west-facing window2 out west3 go west
Examples from the Corpus
westThe window faces west.The Kushans controlled the exchange of goods as they moved east and west.Trade moves east across the bridge and it will not be long before the Ottoman armies will move west.So he had no choice but to head west again, then north toward salvation.We headed west, crossed Sixth Avenue.Major bridges will be required to cross the Kerteh river and two rivers running northwest and west from Kemaman Point.Originally from New Hampshire, Sheridan made the journey west in 1994, and now resides in Utah.The city of Custer, located 15 miles west of the park, has several restaurants and grocers.Cowtown Keeylocko is approximately 41 miles west on Ajo.Go west on I-80 toward Denverwest of70 miles west of Flagstaff