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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadmiralad‧mi‧ral /ˈædmərəl/ noun [countable]  PMNa high rank in the British or US navy, or someone with this rank
Examples from the Corpus
admiralThe generals and admirals said they had always been against the blockade as being too weak and now they wanted immediate action.The elderly admiral sighed and penned his name to yet another scrap of printed paper.On the outbreak of the civil war the navy rallied to Parliament, which made Warwick its lord high admiral.Resignations, both of ministers and of admirals but not of the Chancellor, were threatened.None of the astronomers or admirals on the board had any knowledge about the Watch or what made it run so regularly.Yet he could not doubt now, after what the admiral had told him.Until last summer, each naval station was a separate facility reporting to one of three admirals.