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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarinema‧rine /məˈriːn/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 HEOrelating to the sea and the creatures that live there the enormous variety of marine life the effects of oil pollution on marine mammals marine biology2 PMNrelating to ships or the navy syn maritime
Examples from the Corpus
marineAll of them were marine and all of them are extinct.Probably the seabirds found extra food among the small fish and marine animals which clustered near the larger items of rubbish.Let's continue this look at the marine aquarium scene by looking at the latest thinking regarding the nutritional requirements of marine fish.Coasts shaped by marine erosion. 2.During the 1950s further work on marine guidance was adapted for use in ballistic missiles.Pearls Of the two main sources of pearls those from marine molluscs have always been preferred to those from freshwater.A marine regiment was equipped with plasma cannon, and the marine battle armour was proof against most weapons.In shallow marine sediments from anywhere on the present Earth one might expect to find the skeletal remains and teeth of sharks.marine mammalsAgain the design of the sea-lion enclosure has been of great help in the management of these attractive marine mammals.It had previously been thought that pollution posed the greatest threat to inshore marine mammals.The state of California includes among its natural endowments an unusual variety of valuable marine mammals.Their noise would have undoubtedly caused enormous damage to the sensitive hearing of marine mammals.The Anisakidae are ascaridoids whose adults are parasitic in a wide rage of animals, including marine mammals and birds.It covers fisheries, marine mammals and other resources within EEZs, providing for stocks that are shared by neighbouring states.An estimated 145,000 of the marine mammals live off the California coast.Some scientists believe that these marine mammals may be more intelligent than human beings.