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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnavyna‧vy /ˈneɪvi/ ●●○ noun (plural navies)  1 [countable]PMN the part of a country’s military forces that fights at sea the British Navyin the navy Is your brother still in the navy? He joined the navy during the war.2 [uncountable] a very dark blue colour The jacket is available in navy, green, or brown.navy adjective
Examples from the Corpus
navyKeating was a Navy fighter pilot.Its cubic capacity is half again that of the entire Anacreonian navy.Matching long-line briefs, £19, s, m, l, Also in classic navy and slate grey.Color is news for guys, who in the past have been stuck with old-man shades like navy, maroon and beige.Their hair was everywhere in the gusts: a solemn mercenary navy imported by a poor place.At the same time both the army and the navy became better equipped.It was an important battle for the navy.My father was in the navy during the war.Their navies are no match for ours.in the navyBut just in a matter of a few minutes, they called in the Navy.That's why our father married her, because he's in the Navy.Koester served in the navy for eight years.Could have made a million dollars a year in the N B A, and stayed in the Navy.He spent some time in the Navy, worked in light engineering and is a watchmaker to trade.They think that women in the Navy are Jonahs - bad luck.One retired submarine admiral said he had never heard of a similar incident in more than 30 years in the Navy.