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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubmarinersub‧mar‧i‧ner /sʌbˈmærɪnə $ ˈsʌbməriːnər/ noun [countable]  BOPMNa sailor living and working in a submarine
Examples from the Corpus
submarinerFor a submariner, he had committed a grievous act -- mixing alcohol with duty.Besides, she was married, and married to a submariner.Recent trials of women sailors on submarines resulted in the ban on female submariners remaining.A trained, fit submariner, possibly with breathing apparatus, might do it.One of the deepest moral submariners is Richard Jemmons, the fictional version of campaign strategist James Carville.David Percy-Griffiths, Gilston, Herts Yes, but it is the submariners that pong.There would be no fit, trained submariners aboard that plane.