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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishyeomanyeo‧man /ˈjəʊmən $ ˈjoʊ-/ noun (plural yeomen /-mən/) [countable]  1 PMNan officer in the US navy who often works in an office2 BOTAa farmer in Britain in the past who owned and worked on his own land
Examples from the Corpus
yeomanIn the end, Phillis prefers the courtship of a yeoman, Corydon.Brampton was a gentleman usher with extensive mercantile interests, and Welles another yeoman of the crown.It was protected by yeomen of the guard wearing the royal red and gold livery.The definition of yeomen was complex, a matter of subtle distinctions.Inside he found a sleepy yeoman and a cooler dispensing Stateside water.The yeoman informed him that the public information officer was also the base first lieutenant and had important business else-where.He was heavily guarded, two yeoman warders being in the room with him and another at the door.