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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappendixap‧pen‧dix /əˈpendɪks/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 HBH (plural appendixes) a small organ near your bowel, which has little or no use Christine had to go into hospital to have her appendix out (=have it removed).2 TCN (plural appendices /-dəsiːz/) a part at the end of a book containing additional information See Appendix 2.6.
Examples from the Corpus
appendixOf course, much of that would have been done in his lectures, to which the anti-Aristotelian Exercises are an appendix.You might draft a specimen statement and show it as an appendix.There is an appendix on standard business terminology and abbreviations used in the book.An appendix scar was lightly etched on his stomach above the Speedo.Her appendix, womb and a kidney were removed along with in-growing toenails and haemorrhoids.The human appendix is one organ continues to be replicated, even though it has lost any survival value it once had.Attached in appendix A are the questions which formed the basis of the interview.A full list of titles is given in the appendix while Table 3.8 consolidates some of the information.