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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauthorau‧thor1 /ˈɔːθə $ ˈɒːθər/ ●●● W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 TCNWRITEsomeone who has written a book syn writer Nothomb is a Belgian author.author of He was the author of two books on China. It’s clear that the author is a woman.2 INVENT formal the person who starts a plan or idea syn initiatorauthor of the author of the state reformsauthorial /ɔːˈθɔːriəl $ ɒː-/ adjective [only before noun]COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa famous/well-known authorThe famous author Henry James lived here.a best-selling authorIan McEwan is a best-selling author.a children’s authorthe children’s author Roald Dahlyour favourite authorWho’s your favourite author?a prolific author (=one who writes many books)She is also a prolific author with more than 70 books published. a contributing author (=someone who writes articles for a newspaper or magazine, or who writes part of a book, report etc)Ms Gomez was a contributing author to Chapter 1 of the WG II Report.
Examples from the Corpus
authorLike an author, Eloise would write what she chose on the blank page, would turn Jenny into her own creation.For example, authors writing in dialect and authors from certain social groups have been under-represented.Balzac was one of her favourite authors.Dickens is one of my favourite authors.The prize was won by the German author, Heinrich Böll.The objects and phenomena that a physics book describes are simpler than a single cell in the body of its author.We will be interviewing Lisa Mainero, author of 'Office Romance'.A little gentle encouragement is all that is needed to put this promising author into the ranks of the high-flyers.And here we shall focus primarily on the role of the post-Renaissance author, the author born of Cartesian dualism.Inflammation was graded according to Matt's criteria by one of the authors, who was given no clinical information.Among the guests was the author Salman Rushdie.He was the author of the fourth Gospel, three biblical epistles, and the book of the Revelation.Who was the author of 'Catch 22'?The authors are drawn from the international surface analysis community and all of the material is clearly presented and well illustrated.The author has signed the book on the title page.The author of 'Surfing on the Internet', JC Hertz, will be on tonight's show.The author recalls scenes from her childhood.author ofRoald Dahl was a famous author of children's books.Assemblyman Richard Floyd was the author of the helmet law.