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boundbound2 ●●○ S3 adjective [no comparative]  1 be bound to2 be bound (by something)3 be/feel bound to do something4 bound for London/Mexico etc5 be bound (together) by something6 be bound up in something7 be bound up with something8 snow-bound/strike-bound/tradition-bound etc9 BOOKTCNa bound book is covered on the outside with paper, leather etcbindbound in a Bible bound in leather a leather-bound volume of Shakespeare’s plays10 I’ll be bound11 bound and determined
Examples from the Corpus
boundMost insist on between one and four bound copies being provided by the candidate being examined.At nine o'clock four thickly-bearded priests appeared holding an enormous bound copy of the Sikh scriptures, the Guru Granth Sahib.Since his tragic mishap, the former marathon runner has accomplished many projects including an outward bound course, abseiling and canoeing.All inward bound flights are being cancelled due to heavy fog.We passed a ferry full of people bound for one of the outer islands.I had delivered myself over, bound head and foot, to the yahoos.Success or failure was in their own hands and the outward bound instructors acted only as safety supervisors.The London bound train leaves at 22.00 hours.Voice over Rob begins the homeward bound trip next week.Wells were coated as indicated and bound virus was detected by transfer of puromycin resistance to NIH3T3 cells.We also offer bound volumes of the magazine.bound ina notebook bound in red velvet