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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroadsheetbroad‧sheet /ˈbrɔːdʃiːt $ ˈbrɒːd-/ noun [countable]  TCNa newspaper printed on large sheets of paper, especially a serious newspapertabloidsee thesaurus at newspaper
Examples from the Corpus
broadsheetBroadsheets are aimed at an educated middle and upper-class readership.There is a broadsheet plastered crookedly to a wall near their bungalow.Tabloid a page half the size of a broadsheet.In 1945 most people read a broadsheet paper - four populars and the two qualities, compared with two tabloids.Only the Sunday Express, among all the middle market populars, was still a broadsheet in 1990.I have sent you a broadsheet which surveys our campaigns.The daily broadsheet circulates widely in the Arab world and among Arabs living in the West.Anything of only momentary interest was delegated to broadsheets or handbills.