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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalendarcal‧en‧dar /ˈkæləndə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 TMCa set of pages that show the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, that you usually hang on a wall2 American English a) TCNa book with separate spaces or pages for each day of the year, on which you write down the things you have to do syn diary British English a desk calendar b) PLANall the things you plan to do in the next days, months etc an event that deserves a place on your calendar3 TMCa system that divides and measures time in a particular way, usually starting from a particular eventthe Roman/Islamic/Gregorian etc calendar4 HAPPENall the events in a year that are important for a particular organization or activitygolfing/sporting/racing etc calendar The Derby is a major event in the racing calendar.
Examples from the Corpus
calendarAfter that, the department will have 10 calendar days to rule on the acquisition.Oswald thought he might be making a calendar.A Colt calendar was on the wall.The Tour de France is the biggest race in the cycling calendar.the Jewish calendarMy calendar is full for the rest of the week.It has been on the provisional calendar before, but never staged a race.These cases come first on the court's calendar.In addition, it is necessary to follow how the calendar itself was constructed.With the conference at last on the calendar, the various countries began preparatory activities to enhance their bargaining positions.But the fact that they teach the calendar in no way guarantees that my son or any other child will learn it.the Roman/Islamic/Gregorian etc calendarToo much need not be made of this, and the Roman calendar will suffice for all but the quite rarest occasions.All I know, like the protestors when the Julian became the Gregorian calendar, is that I must have missed something.The first mention of Christmas Day, as far as we know, was in the Roman calendar for the year 354.golfing/sporting/racing etc calendarThe top crews practice all year round for the premier event in the raft racing calendar.He is able to run his part-time practice in Leyburn he worked in Darlington and Richmond before that around the racing calendar.And millions of pounds are laid in bets over the three days of the most colourful event in the racing calendar.The May festival has become a major social event in the racing calendar and includes a classic trial for the Derby.