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circular in Newspapers, printing, publishing topic

circularcircular2 noun [countable]  TCNa printed advertisement, notice etc that is sent to lots of people at the same time
Examples from the Corpus
circularIt is not a circular slipped under your door to which you may or may not respond with a pre-paid envelope.Central Government publish general advice on a wide range of planning issues through planning policy guidance notes and circulars.Publishers often distribute, in addition to catalogues, circulars about individual books or series.The Patten plan, detailed in a Government draft circular, risks further heightening confrontation with teachers already boycotting national curriculum tests.Still, make sure that it's mentioned in the next circular, lad.Robotic bureaucrats do not look through the Sunday shopping circulars to find the lowest prices.In view of the threat of expulsions contained in these circulars, Labour supporters of Unity had to reconsider their position.