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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollectioncol‧lec‧tion /kəˈlekʃən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 set/groupSET/GROUP [countable] a) GROUP OF THINGSa set of similar things that are kept or brought together because they are attractive or interestingcollect, collector a stamp collection my record collectioncollection of a collection of Japanese vases b) GROUP OF THINGSa group of objects together in the same place a collection of empty wine bottles on the back porch2 money [countable]MONEYGIVE the act of asking people to give you money for an organization that helps people, or during a church service, or the money collected in this waycollectcollection for Every Christmas we have a collection for a local charity. We’ll be taking up a collection at the end of tonight’s service.3 rent/debts/taxes [uncountable]OWE the act of obtaining money that is owed to youcollect, collector a debt collection agency4 bringing togetherBRINGING TOGETHER [uncountable]TOGETHER the act of bringing together things of the same type from different places to form a groupcollect a computerized data collection system5 taking something awayTAKING something AWAY [countable, uncountable]TAKE/BRING the act of taking something from a placecollect Garbage collections are made every Tuesday morning. Please collect your purchases from the customer collection point. 6 fashionCLOTHES [countable]DCB the clothes designed by a fashion company for a particular season Donna Karen’s new spring collection7 books/musicBOOKS/MUSIC [countable]TCNTCR several stories, poems, pieces of music etc that are in one book or on one recordcollection of a new collection of Frost’s poetry8 PEOPLEpeople [countable usually singular]GROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people, especially people you think are strange or unusual in some waycollection of There was an interesting collection of people at the wedding.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + collection an art collectionthe National Gallery’s art collectiona stamp/coin/book/glass etc collectionan impressive Roman coin collectiona CD/record/music collectionHave you seen his CD collection? a photographic collectionThe museum’s photographic collection dates from the nineteenth century.a museum collectionThe specimens are now part of a fine museum collection in London.a library collectionMost lecturers are keen to build up library collections in their subjects.a private collection (=belonging to a person rather than a museum, gallery etc)Many of the paintings are now in private collections.a national collectionFrance has many national art collections.a permanent collectionThe art gallery hosts exhibitions and a permanent collection.a large collection (also an extensive collection formal)The museum has an extensive collection of Greek statues.verbshave a collectionShe has an extensive collection of Chinese vases.start a collectionI think I might start a stamp collection.build up a collectionHe gradually built up a collection of plants from all over the world.acquire/assemble/amass a collection formalThe two men amassed a remarkable collection of medieval manuscripts.something holds/houses a collection formalThe museum holds a comprehensive collection of photographs from that period.a collection consists of/contains somethingThe collection consists of some 500 items.a collection includes somethingThe collection includes paintings both in oils and in watercolours.
Examples from the Corpus
collectionDesigner of the Year Vivienne Westwood included ripped denim in her Spring/Summer 1991 collection.a collection of ancient Greek coinsa collection of old newspapersHave you seen her CD collection - it's enormous!a coin collectionThis will be followed by a period of continued observation and data collection of the target behavior or set of behaviors.Most of the conglomerates which were made up of a disparate collection of businesses have failed.The museum has one of the world's finest collections of Impressionist paintings.Perrault published his collection of fairy tales in 1697.the Permanent Collection at the Whitney MuseumThey get together and behave like a real collection of idiots.One needs the basic skills of research, including the ability to use the full resources of a research collection.Of course, PeÜek's collection automatically scores points over the competition by virtue of its uniqueness.On the shelf was his mother's collection of crystal vases.Have you seen Alvin's stamp collection?Armani's summer collectionSpecial thanks to Laura Ashley at Ipswich for providing the outfits pictured which were from their summer collection.The museum has a superb collection of Mexican pottery.The new system should speed the collection of debts in the future.The collection of data is not always something that a researcher can control.The collection is one of the most important of its kind in the United States and focuses on landscape and still life.Christmas trees can be picked up with regular trash collection.collection ofa collection of antique vasestaking up a collectionThe people taking up a collection to see if they can get him out on bond.data collectionThis will be followed by a period of continued observation and data collection of the target behavior or set of behaviors.But comprehensive data collection ran ahead of a capacity for meaningful analysis, and prescriptive content was disappointing.The course organisers were informed about the study and its objectives and were asked for their cooperation in data collection.Only women who were generally healthy at the start of the data collection were selected.The data collection has been completed and the material is, at the moment, being analysed.The data collection schedule will be attached following the footnote reference list.The random sample approach to data collection for tourism statistics means that these peaks in sports tourism are almost certainly underestimated.collection pointFurthermore, they would be viewed as a single entity from a collections point of view.It was the first collection point to be set up.Find out from your Local Council or recycling action group where your nearest collection points are for glass, metals and paper.If there is no collection point near you, press the Council to provide one which is convenient.The empty cans can be left at a number of collection points which are located around the site.