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comiccomic2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TCN (also comic book) a magazine for children that tells a story using comic strips2 BOAPJOKEsomeone whose job is to tell jokes and make people laugh syn comedian a stand-up comic
Examples from the Corpus
comicA comic gives children the opportunity to retreat into their own world; it is a very private thing.Gazzer could see Tony going into the lighted ticket-booth to read his comic.It would be rather more welcome if comics could still be comics.The language, not just the art work of comics changed then too.So we set some of our comics the toughest challenge of all make us laugh about Maastricht.There is no text that can be read, such as there is even in a children's comic.a stand-up comicStand-up comics, actors and writers do not retire, Mr. Howerd pointed out.stand-up comicGerald Ford, as a speaker, was the exact opposite of a stand-up comic.His role has been rather like that of a stand-up comic warming up the audience for the main event.In person, the Esquire columnist and author of four books is hyperactive, edgy and funnier than any stand-up comic.Exposure on his show is sought by politicians as well as screen celebrities, authors as well as stand-up comics, athletes and rappers.There were more than fourteen acts, from stand-up comics to bawdy singalongs.Whitehead appears as a smarmy stand-up comic without the charisma or patter to carry off his narrative duties.