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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompendiumcom‧pen‧di‧um /kəmˈpendiəm/ noun (plural compendiums or compendia /-diə/) [countable]  1 TCN formal a book that contains a complete collection of facts, drawings etc on a particular subject a cricketing compendium2 British EnglishDGB a set of different board games in a box
Examples from the Corpus
compendiumWolfgang Tillmans is exhibiting a compendium of 57 images, with yet more in display cabinets in the centre of the room.The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language is a compendium of useful information about language, including language in literature.Ovid is a compendium of mythology.a baseball compendiumThe main points of Mary Kingsley's remarkable story have appeared in compendiums on Victorian women travellers.Mostly, however, what we find in this new compendium is more.It is a 318-page compendium of stock liberal positions and personal anecdotes bound by a thick strand of moral conservatism.A great scholarly compendium of folklore and legends.Anyway, these compendiums try to be all things to all people.