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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontributorcon‧trib‧u‧tor /kənˈtrɪbjətə $ -ər/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 GIVEsomeone who gives money, help, ideas etc to something that a lot of other people are also involved in campaign contributorscontributor to Dr Win was a major contributor to the research.2 TCNWRITEsomeone who writes a story, song, speech etc that forms part of a larger work such as a newspaper, book, broadcast, recording etccontributor to a regular contributor to ‘Time’ magazine3 formalCAUSE someone or something that helps to cause something to happencontributor to Cars are still one of the principal contributors to air pollution.
Examples from the Corpus
contributorTen federal researchers were listed as contributors, but seven of them quickly disavowed any connection with it.The letter went to 800 of Durenberger's campaign contributors.Examiner contributor Bernard Gilbert is a writer and performer who acts carelessly in San Francisco.There is no invested fund, only promises of how much future contributors will be prepared to pay.Well over half of profit still came from overseas, and marine paint and powder coatings were narrowly the largest contributors.The most obvious contributor was indeed the organization.Thank you to all our contributors for being so prompt with all your articles.contributor toHarris has been a major contributor to the Dodgers' success this season.Carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to the greenhouse effect.Cannon had been a regular contributor to the monthly Ohio Magazine.