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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcopycop‧y1 /ˈkɒpi $ ˈkɑːpi/ ●●● S1 W2 noun (plural copies)  1 [countable]COPY something that is made to be exactly like another thingcopy of She forwarded them a copy of her British passport. This chair is a copy of an original design. Be sure to make copies of all the documents. back-up copies of your files2 [countable]TCN one of many books, magazines, records etc that are all exactly the samecopy of We have six copies of the movie to give away. a copy of the local newspaper The hardback costs £16.99 a copy. The record sold a million copies. Free copies are available on request.3 [uncountable]TCN technical something written in order to be printed in a newspaper, magazine, advertisement etc Now that I’ve seen the finished copy, I’m delighted.4 good copy fair copy, hard copy, soft copyCOLLOCATIONSverbsbe a copy of somethingThe rug is a copy of a fine Chinese carpet. make a copy of somethingMake a copy of the letter before you send it.keep a copy of something (also retain a copy of something formal)Did you keep a copy of the email?send/receive a copy of somethingCould you send me a copy of the agreement?attach a copy of something (=in an email)I’m attaching a copy of the schedule.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + copy a good copy (=one that is very like the original)The painting is a good copy of the original.a close copy (=a good copy)It is a close copy of a bronze figure found in Iceland.a back-up copy (=made in case the original is lost)Be sure you regularly make back-up copies of your data.
Examples from the Corpus
copyMore than 85,000 copies of the magazine sold within three weeks.I don't have my original birth certificate. Will you accept a copy?Anyone wanting to buy a copy, only 100 were printed and of these twenty were sold on the day of publication.The application was sent in June, and this is a copy.The menu driven screen allows you to setup a copy session in seconds.All copy must be on my desk by Monday morning.a 19th century copy of the popular Rembrandt paintingFor a free copy, call 555-9121.Hilda Hewitt had copies of two posters run off on the Office photo-copier.Connie left copies of the document on everybody's desk.Most of them, however, had pulled copies of the Globe because the supermarket tabloid published copies of grisly crime-scene photographs.During one marathon meeting that went on far into the night, some copies of documents had to be made.The copies are then filed in date of arrival order.back-up copiesIf back-up copies are permitted under any licence agreement, the number of back-up copies made should not exceed that agreed to.Users of software should confirm that they may make back-up copies of any programs they have acquired.Finally, make sure you regularly make back-up copies of your data.The Act, as amended, makes specific provision for the making of back-up copies of computer programs.The Act recognizes the possibility that back-up copies may have been made.Free copiesA companion brochure summaries Negretti Automation's full process control & weighing range. Free copies of both are available on request.