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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcross-referenceˌcross-ˈreference / $ ˈ. ˌ.../ noun [countable, uncountable]  TCNa note that tells the reader of a book to go to another place in the book, to get further information The book has clear cross-references and a good index.cross-reference verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
cross-referenceThe error occurred in a cross-reference involving the measures relating to transfers of life assurance business.It is anticipated that the usual request will be for all cross-references pointing to a given range of entries.The line number containing the failed cross-reference is renumbered and the line number in the error report is the new line number.There are numerous cross-references in the book where apparently different problems reduce to the same theoretical form.Occasionally cross-references are included between classes.Entries are in alphabetical order; cross-references are printed in bold type.A detailed subject cross-reference is included.In this way cross-reference can be made to work already done at Key Stage 1.