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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiarydi‧a‧ry /ˈdaɪəri $ ˈdaɪri/ ●●○ S3 noun (plural diaries) [countable]  1 TCNWRITEa book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day syn journal Inge kept a diary (=wrote in a diary) during the war years.diary entry (=what you have written for a particular day)2 especially British EnglishTCN a book with separate spaces for each day of the year, in which you write down the meetings, events etc that are planned for each day syn calendar American English Did you put the meeting date in your diary?COLLOCATIONSverbskeep/write a diary (=write regularly in a diary)While I was travelling, I kept a diary every day.write (something) in your diary‘Severe weather’, he wrote in his diary that day.record something in your diaryJames Alvin recorded the incident in his diary.read a diaryI wish you’d let me read your diary.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + diary a detailed diaryFor years she had kept a detailed diary.a personal/private diaryShe later agreed to the publication of parts of her personal diary.a secret diary (=that no one else knows about or reads)He found his sister’s secret diary.a daily/weekly diaryClarke kept a daily diary of San Franciscan life.a travel diary (=that you write while you are travelling)His travel diary makes fascinating reading.diary + NOUNa diary entry/entry in a diary (=piece of writing in a diary)His last diary entry was on June 14th. THESAURUSdiary a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day, and your private thoughtsI decided to keep a diary of our trip to Toronto.You shouldn’t read anyone’s private diary.On February 3rd, he wrote the last entry in his diary.journal a diary, especially one written by a famous or important personIn the 1837 journal, Darwin gives an account of his voyage to South America. Her book draws on letters, diaries, journals and historical sources.memoirs a written record of the important events and people in your life which you write in order to publish – especially one that is written by a famous or important person such as a politician or a military leaderA lot of politicians think about writing their memoirs.The book was titled ‘The Memoirs of a President’.blog a diary that someone puts on a website, which is a record of their activities, experiences, and opinions, with the latest information always at the top. On some blogs, readers can leave commentsI try to keep a regular online blog.I came across a great post on a blog I read recently.log/log book an official record of events, especially on a journey in a ship or planethe ship’s logThe captain had made a few notes in the log book.
Examples from the Corpus
diaryIn a diary in which she writes everything but the truth.I decided to keep a diary of our trip to Toronto.During his illness, David kept a diary, which his family hopes to publish.All diary recording is arduous and this was no exception.There they were - notepad and business diary.The first diary entries were no doubt recorded on an impulse, in odd hours in his room in the shophouse.He opened his diary which was lying on his desk and checked by name against his written entry.I wouldn't really show anyone my diary, not even you.The resulting book falls somewhere between the teen diary / confessional genre and the academic feminist treatise.According to the diary, it must have been Friday 17 July.Gardeners - put the date in your diary.diary entryRecord the experience in a diary entry.The defence, Mr Scott went on, would later produce a diary entry that would establish the truth of this statement.The first diary entries were no doubt recorded on an impulse, in odd hours in his room in the shophouse.My diary entries are filled with prosaic happenings.These are not diary entries broken up into bits, nor a re-associated list of the banality of her purse.It was clear that in many of these recorded diary entries he had in mind his projected memoirs.What follows are some of the diary entries I made during our six weeks of production in Savannah.The diary entries were tantalizingly brief.put ... in ... diaryShe tried to remember some of her stories and put those in the Diary too.