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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraftdraft1 /drɑːft $ dræft/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 UNFINISHED FORMpiece of writingTCNAL a piece of writing or a plan that is not yet in its finished form the rough draft of his new novel I read the first draft and thought it was very good. All parties eventually approved the final draft (=finished form) of the peace treaty.2 the draft3 moneyMONEY especially British EnglishBFB a written order for money to be paid by a bank, especially from one bank to another4 sportsSPORT American EnglishDS a system in which professional teams choose players from colleges to join their teams5 cold air/beerCOLD AIR/DRINKSx-ref the American spelling of draughtCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesthe first/second etc draftThe second draft of the agreement contained a few important changes.the final draft (=the finished form)He showed me the final draft of his letter.a rough draft (=not the finished form)Could you let me see a rough draft of your report?the original draft (=the first one)The hero had a different name in the original draft of the story.an early/earlier draft (=written before others)In earlier drafts of the speech, he criticized the pace of political progress.a preliminary draft (=coming before others)A preliminary draft of the charter has been issued.verbswrite/draw up/prepare a draft (=write one)Always write a rough draft of your essay first.He drew up a draft of the club’s rules and regulations.approve a draft (=officially accept one)The draft was approved by the Senate.
Examples from the Corpus
draftI read a draft of the first chapter and thought it was very good.Could you close the window? There's a draft in here.The Committee draws attention to any draft which it considers to raise a matter of political or legal importance.The cold draft forced visitors to wear heavy coats outside the Los Angeles Clippers' locker room.By the end of the year, Jim had produced a first draft of his new novel.Journalism, it is often said in newsrooms, is the first draft of history.Next, the draft would make it cheaper for disgruntled shareholders to sue directors for mismanagement.final draftAssuming this means we are near a final draft we should meet to discuss cover design.In her final draft she made only a few trivial changes.I have pleasure in enclosing our considered response and hope it will be carefully considered before the final draft is prepared.Always use good quality paper, especially for the final draft.Chancellor Norman Lamont and fellow finance ministers began hammering out the final draft in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.This layout should be made as formal as if it were the final draft.It is good practice to write your proposal word for word as if it were the final draft.Could you therefore send a copy of your final draft to: as well as to me via Welshpool.