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draftdraft2 AWL verb [transitive]  1 piece of writingTCNAL to write a plan, letter, report etc that will need to be changed before it is in its finished form Eva’s busy drafting her speech for the conference.2 militaryPMA to order someone to join the army, navy etc, especially during a war syn conscriptbe drafted into something My dad was eighteen when he got drafted into the army. Grammar Draft is usually passive in this meaning.3 sports American English to choose a college player to join a professional team Craigwell was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks. draft somebody ↔ in→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
draftThe prisoners sat down together to draft a letter to the governor.A 16-member commission to draft a new constitution was also set up.Ballou drafted a proposal which was later presented to the school board.Craigwell was the first player drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks.She's busy drafting her speech for next week's conference.He was drafted into civilian service by missy Peckha.The White House did not draft its own amendment, and Clinton said he would work with Congress to draft one.Somehow my boss drafted me into filing these reports.She drafts official proclamations and reads them with great ceremony.Officials are drafting the strategy, which aims to raise teaching standards through training and staff support.With those principles, Lord Owen and Mr Vance drafted their plan.The drafter should not begin to draft until he/she knows exactly what he/she wants to say.be drafted into somethingHe was drafted into civilian service by missy Peckha.Then he was drafted into Laura's studio where his technical expertise was critical in strengthening the developing team.But it might be two years before they are ready to be drafted into the League side.But at the last minute, following a series of defections, O'Connor was drafted into the side at full back.While a college student, Say was drafted into the U.S.