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editorial in Newspapers, printing, publishing topic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheditorialed‧i‧to‧ri‧al1 /ˌedəˈtɔːriəl◂/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  TCNa piece of writing in a newspaper that gives the editor’s opinion about something, rather than reporting facts
Examples from the Corpus
editorialIt included scientific and clinical articles, abstracts from foreign journals, news items and editorials.Its editorial was almost certainly inspired by Sir Walter.Some conference representatives may have been influenced by a fiercely polemical front page editorial in yesterday's Daily Mail.Pilot editorials reflect the positions of the archdiocese and Cardinal Bernard Law on issues.And the second editorial does Huckelberry no good.Alas, the supes apparently failed to see that editorial, and voted to approve the changes.That editorial reflected a realistic assessment of the dilemma created by any government-sanctioned attempt to regulate salaries.The editorials in the Straits Times were plaintive: How could the voters be so ungrateful?Their editorials always criticize the government, whatever it does.