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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishencyclopediaen‧cy‧clo‧pe‧di‧a (also encyclopaedia British English) /ɪnˌsaɪkləˈpiːdiə/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TCNa book or CD, or a set of these, containing facts about many different subjects, or containing detailed facts about one subject the Encyclopedia of Music
Examples from the Corpus
encyclopediaa thirty-volume encyclopaediaIt has much the same sort of fascination as a dictionary, or a encyclopedia.Terminus is not a planet, but a scientific foundation preparing a great encyclopedia.The graphics and artwork reproduction are gorgeous and the encyclopedia information fascinating.Two five-dollar bills had fallen out from behind the encyclopedia just when she was needing money so badly.While she was identifying these predators in the encyclopedia, Ruby became noticeably paler and agitated."Does anyone know when Mozart was born?" "Look it up in the encyclopedia."Instead, I was sitting on my couch examining baseball cards and looking them up in the encyclopedia.In the encyclopedia Use the information in the poem and add ideas of your own.