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gloss in Newspapers, printing, publishing topic

glossgloss2 verb  TCN[transitive] to provide a note in a piece of writing, explaining a difficult word, phrase, or idea gloss over something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
glossAs Annie adjusted the nappies under the wriggling body, she glossed back over the previous week.Feminist psychological theories tend to gloss over class relations, too.What many would-be reformers have glossed over is the transition problems involved in going from one system to another.Amy glossed over the bad times.They no longer have any time for politicians who try to gloss over the harsh facts of life.It was admirably researched, hut it glossed over the important questions while pointing up the trivial ones.He sounded like generals everywhere, who gloss over their setbacks and remember their triumphs.Some try to gloss over weak programming with slick packaging.