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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhardbackhard‧back /ˈhɑːdbæk $ ˈhɑːrd-/ (also hardcover) noun [countable]  TCNa book that has a strong stiff coverin hardback His first novel sold over 40,000 copies in hardback.see thesaurus at bookhardback adjective a hardback edition of ‘The Joy of Cooking’ paperback
Examples from the Corpus
hardbackCase bound a hardback book made with stiff outer covers.Her sales have grown with each title; this is the first to have had a hardback.These are large format, high quality editions produced to the standards you expect only from hardbacks.The book is published by HarperCollins, and costs $15 in hardback and $4.95 in paperback.It has sold 300,000 copies in hardback.Letters published in FlyPost will receive a newly-launched hardback book.At present hardbacks are just too expensive at around £15.99 a time; these prices do not encourage experimental or sample reading.Paperbacks in general had pushed aside the hardback, except for the specialized and coffee table markets.The hardback version spent three weeks on the Times bestseller list.