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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadwordhead‧word /ˈhedwɜːd $ -wɜːrd/ noun [countable] technical  TCNone of the words whose meaning is explained in a dictionary
Examples from the Corpus
headwordCollocations are similar to dictionary definitions in as much as they can be expressed as a headword followed by a list of semantically related words.The irregular inflection will be presented as a headword with a reference to the appropriate root form.The format is also comparable, i.e. a headword followed by a list of related words in parentheses.A typical problem might be to answer the question: How many headwords belong to more than one part of speech?For example, the editor will need to check lists of headwords which begin with lower-case letters.To reduce overheads when making security copies only headword lemmas are placed in this table.The lemmatised form is simply a convenient representation of the headword lemma.For example under the headword child is the information that the plural is children rather than childs.