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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimprintim‧print1 /ˈɪmprɪnt/ noun [countable]  1 MARKthe mark left by an object being pressed into or onto somethingimprint of the imprint of her hand on the soft sand2 technicalTCN the name of a publisher as it appears on a book
Examples from the Corpus
imprintThere are more than 2,500 volumes of pre-1800 imprint, and an extensive assemblage of maps, illustrations and ephemera.Each phase is the outcome of the one before, whilst bearing the chronic imprint of an interior design.In the gardens the grass glistened with dew, which left imprints where the soldiers' feet had passed.This dictionary is published under the Longman imprint.The major collective syntheses were invariably supervised by the most senior figures in the profession and bear the imprint of authority.At its summit is a boulder with a hollow resembling the imprint of a man's foot.A third saguaro lies full-length in the dirt, one end squashed flat and stamped with the imprint of tire treads.Proprietors do appoint editors and chief-executives; they decide budgets and manning levels and they put their imprint on the total organizations.Its vistas leave a warm and timeless imprint on even the most jaded memory.imprint ofa rock with a fossil imprint of algae