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insert in Newspapers, printing, publishing topic

insertin‧sert2 /ˈɪnsɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ noun [countable]  1 TCNprinted pages that are put inside a newspaper or magazine in order to advertise something a six-page insert on computer software2 IN/INSIDEsomething that is designed to be put inside something else He wore special inserts in his shoes to make him look taller.
Examples from the Corpus
insertApplication forms will be circulated as an insert in the May edition of Chemistry in Britain.Look for the coupon inserts in Sunday's paper.The use of gas-assisted injection-moulding allowed a lighter structure without metal inserts.Maybe a sideways knit, diagonal knit, collar or insert?Bernstein briefed Bill Brady, the night metropolitan editor, and proposed a two-paragraph insert.The Tri-X table comes with glass, granite, or steel inserts.On most machines, the insert ends automatically as the counter reaches zero again.The square bracket shows the position of the insert.