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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoroccomo‧roc‧co /məˈrɒkəʊ $ məˈrɑːkoʊ/ noun [uncountable]  TCNTIMfine soft leather used especially for covering books
Examples from the Corpus
moroccoCloth-bound editions were issued almost simultaneously and others in calf and morocco soon appeared.Calf and morocco can dry out to become lifeless and lustreless, instead of sprightly and glowing.Right: A handsome array in calf, morocco and vellum.What is it called, morocco?An elegant morocco binding, with the royal arms.It turned out to be the poems of Tennyson, bound in green morocco.The room contained a piano, some books bound in morocco and others with velvet and silken bindings and gold-leafed edges.The typical morocco patterning is clear.