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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaperbackpa‧per‧back /ˈpeɪpəbæk $ -ər-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TCNa book with a stiff paper coverhardback a shelf full of paperbacksin paperback Her first novel sold over 20,000 copies in paperback.see thesaurus at book
Examples from the Corpus
paperbackThe older works listed first are still widely read and most are generally available in both hardcover and paperback.Or do they zero in on the contemporary paperbacks?The novel, published by Simon and Schuster, tops the best-seller list for paperbacks.The two books you need for the regular assignment are both inexpensive and in paperback.Most important historical books are available in paperback and will repay constant reference.If, as I hope, the book is soon reissued in paperback, the author might consider three small improvements.This original paperback includes stories, essays and poems that celebrate motherhood.Tested against the touchstone of Scripture, his speculations would reduce the Bible to the size of a slim paperback.Usually the hardback comes out first and the paperback comes out after.Replace those paperbacks and forgotten bestsellers with leather-bound classics!in paperbackWiley's latest novel is now available in paperback.