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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublicationpub‧li‧ca‧tion /ˌpʌblɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [uncountable]TCN the process of printing a book, magazine etc and offering it for salepublishpublication of She was in England for the publication of her new book.for publication (=intended to be published) He spent his holiday writing reviews for publication.2 [countable]TCN a book, magazine etc He was the author of 70 major scientific publications. a weekly publication3 [uncountable]PUBLICIZE/MAKE KNOWN when information is printed in a book, magazine etc so that the public can read itpublishpublication of the publication of the company’s annual results
Examples from the Corpus
publicationDetails for inclusion in this column must be received in writing three days before publication.The Weekly began publication December 1,1982.The dimensions of her achievement are still not understood, even by the conservative publications that gave her their moderately enthusiastic support.However, publication of a second report is imminent.a monthly publicationFirst, many critics see this as a silly game of publication counting, a bogus guide to merit in the lab.Combined, Patuxent publications have an average circulation of more than 250,000 a week.Can administrators suppress student publications without written guidelines?Given the complexity of this task there is always a time lag in the publication of mortality by cause of death data.The publication of his results has inspired a new wave of research.In return, receive a free guide upon publication this Fall.