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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquartoquar‧to /ˈkwɔːtəʊ $ ˈkwɔːrtoʊ/ noun (plural quartos) [countable] technical  TCNthe size of paper made by folding a normal large sheet of paper twice to produce four sheets
Examples from the Corpus
quartoThe final divergence between score and quarto proves to be more imaginary than real.Illus.4 shows the opening of Act 5 as it appears in both quartos.A folio edition was an expensive item, but even cheaper quarto editions of most writers were not available readily.You might not think this is enough raw material to spin out over 345 hardback quarto pages, but why not?There is no mention here of dancing monkeys; and the quarto puts them in two pages and several musical numbers later.In Act 2, by contrast, there are no serious discrepancies between the score and the quarto.She lifted out the books; they were quarto, half-bound in leather, and heavy.