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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquotequote1 /kwəʊt $ kwoʊt/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]ALTCN to repeat exactly what someone else has said or writtenquote from She quoted from a newspaper article. He quoted a short passage from the Bible. A military spokesman was quoted as saying that the border area is now safe.quote somebody on something Can I quote you on that?2 [transitive] to give a piece of information that is written down somewhere You can order by phoning our hotline and quoting your credit card number. He quoted a figure of 220 deaths each year from accidents in the home.3 [transitive]EXAMPLE to give something as an example to support what you are saying syn cite Mr Jackson quoted the case of an elderly man who had been evicted from his home.quote something as something He quoted the example of France as a country with a good rail service. The nurses’ union was quoted as an example of a responsible trade union.4 [transitive]TBB to tell a customer the price you will charge them for a service or product They quoted a price of £15,000.quote something for something The firm originally quoted £6,000 for the whole job.5 [transitive] to give the price of a share or currency The pound was quoted this morning at just under $1.46. The company is now quoted on the stock exchange (=people can buy and sell shares in it). 6 (I) quote7 quote ... unquote→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
quoteIt would be unfair to make too many demands of the statements I have quoted.Against the yen, the dollar was last quoted at 78. 94 from 78. 49 yesterday.If you call the hotel directly, you may get a rate lower than those quoted by travel agents.A woman who reads her Bible, can quote chapter and Verse in any given situation.He was always quoting clever sayings from Oscar Wilde's plays.He remembers a line Mariah used to quote from a poem by Pablo Neruda.To quote from the report: "6000 children die each day from curable diseases."In his charming and informative book on Dada, Hans Richter quotes Hausmann on the meaning of photomontage.The text, quoted in the epigraph to this chapter, foresees the reestablishment of a renewed and glorious Jerusalem.I don't think the company is doing very well, but don't quote me on that.But the man didn't quote Scripture, just drifted away.Dr. Morse quoted three successful cases in which the drug was used.quoted ... passageThis the quoted passage does not seek to do.I have quoted the passage from which the phrase comes, showing how Wells was painfully aware of our duality.The judge recognised that the quoted passage required some qualification.quoted as an example ofThe experience of Maydown Precision Engineering in Derry was quoted as an example of trade unions being relevant in fighting unemployment.quoted on the stock exchangeAs they became established, shares in many of them became quoted on the Stock Exchange.However, not all public companies are quoted on the Stock Exchange.Public companies, for example, may seek permission to have their shares quoted on the Stock Exchange.The fictitious company even got quoted on the Stock Exchange.They are companies quoted on the stock exchange.They are quoted on the Stock Exchange and underwritten by similar institutions to those which underwrite share issues.Membership of a public company is unlimited and shares, which are quoted on the Stock Exchange, are freely transferable.With agencies quoted on the Stock Exchange with turnover into the hundreds of millions, advertising is big business.