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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreaderread‧er /ˈriːdə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  1 somebody who readsREAD someone who reads books, or who reads in a particular way The book will appeal to young readers. I’ve always been an avid reader (=someone who reads a lot).reader of He’s a great reader of crime fiction.a fast/slow reader2 of a newspaper/magazineTCNREAD someone who reads a particular newspaper or magazine regularly The newspaper gradually lost readers during the 1980s.3 bookTCN an easy book for children who are learning to read or for people who are learning a foreign language4 Reader5 equipment technical a piece of electronic equipment that can read information that is stored or recorded somewhere, for example on a card mind reader, newsreaderCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa slow/fast readerHer son was quite a slow reader.a good readerHe's not a good reader but he wants to try a new story.a poor reader (=someone who is not good at reading)All these students had been judged to be poor readers.a great reader (=someone who reads a lot of books)My father was a great reader.an avid/voracious reader (=someone who eagerly reads a lot of books)She was an avid reader of historical novels.
Examples from the Corpus
readerSeitz asks readers if they could imagine Ben Hogan or Arnold Palmer ever going to a sports psychologist.The average reader of science-fiction is young and male.Many readers will also be familiar with demonstrations of production of electric power by tapping the energy of winds and tides.Share your thoughts with other readers by writing to Anne at Machine Knitting Monthly.All Ms Atwood's readers will be delighted with her latest book.At this point in the novel, the reader still does not know the hero's true identity.Obviously, what the poet communicates to the reader in this poem is a complex reflection of her current mental state.We leave it to the reader to appreciate what this will mean in due course, as work on oneself progresses.Scientists are still not certain about this in spite of what the reader might believe.Her books appeal especially to women readers.The magazine needs to attract more young readers.avid readerI have long been a avid reader of books about islands.I am an avid reader of your magazine and eagerly look forward to each month's issue.The library was a room which the Empress used constantly, for she was all her life an avid reader.Reagan was an avid reader of the conservative monthly Kuman Events, and frequently quoted from it at length.But now she was an avid reader who liked nothing better than to haunt old bookstores.Many become avid readers, work-out maniacs or bingo fanatics during the six months away from home.