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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupplementsup‧ple‧ment1 /ˈsʌpləmənt/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 ADDsomething that you add to something else to improve it or make it complete vitamins and other dietary supplementssupplement to The payments are a supplement to his usual salary.2 TCNan additional part at the end of a book, or a separate part of a newspaper, magazine etc the Sunday supplements3 COSTan amount of money that is added to the price of a service, hotel room etc Single rooms are available at a supplement.
Examples from the Corpus
supplementHe sometimes eats fish as a supplement to his vegetarian diet.The vitamins and supplements are nearly all there.The current supplement to the encyclopedia 'Growing Up with Science' has a new section on cycles in nature.Dietary supplements may also be important to ensure adequate vitamins and minerals are being absorbed.vitamin E supplementsDaulaire calculated that one death was prevented for every 55 children given supplements.After a workout, he has a carbohydrate replacement drink, a diet fuel bar and 12 more supplements.If you use a powder supplement, damp the feed to prevent the horse from blowing it away!a Sunday supplementDoctors believe that vitamin supplements are largely unnecessary.dietary supplementsIt's largely for this reason that most researchers are not enthusiastic about all the eye care dietary supplements currently available.And food products, including dietary supplements, are not subject to the tough safety and efficacy review that drugs must pass.At 4 a. m., he drinks a protein shake with four more dietary supplements and six amino acids.But as the burgeoning health food stores testify, there is a lot more to the dietary supplements market than this.