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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtexttext1 /tekst/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun  1 [uncountable]TCN any written material One disk can store the equivalent of 500 pages of text.2 [uncountable]ALWRITE the writing that forms the main part of a book, magazine etc, rather than the pictures or notestextual There should not be too much text in children’s books.3 [countable]TCNSE a book or other piece of writing that is connected with learning or intended for study Some of the original text has survived. Literary texts, like all other works of art, have a historical context. ‘Hamlet’ is a set text (=one that must be studied for an examination) this year. British English4 [countable] American English a textbook a chemistry text5 the text of something6 [countable] a text message He sent me a text saying he would be late.7 [countable]RRC a short piece from the Bible that someone reads and talks about during a religious service
Examples from the Corpus
textHandwritten text, either cursive or hand-printed, is much more difficult to recognise than printed text.The front page had no text, just a photograph of the Princess and a huge headline.You can cut and paste whole blocks of text very easily on screen.religious textsWe can only hope Gilstrap won't push to have any of that text deleted.Finally, the Appendix contains a short bibliography that includes mostly those works to which references are made in the text.He thought she just wanted to glance at something in the text and he let her take It.The texts I selected are all written by male philosophers.Those changes appear to be so great that they will certainly still be affecting readers of this text in the 1990s.The word processor automatically divides your text into pages.set textSo was Naipaul, the writer of a book which was a classroom set text.One of the set texts for Advent dealt with the birth of John the Baptist.When a graphics element is placed on a page there is now an option to set text wraparound.