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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtometome /təʊm $ toʊm/ noun [countable]  literaryTCN a large heavy book
Examples from the Corpus
tomeNo plodding academic tome, this Virginia Woolf is, like its subject, smart, pithy, engaging.I hope you pay heed, you're still my favourite tome by miles ... for now.It's the latest tome from Tom Clancy.Two floor-to-ceiling bookcases are filled with legal tomes and bursting files.For many years these precious tomes were kept in the Capitol by the Romans who consulted them in times of crisis.Ex-journo turned editor, his recent tome Gothic Rock enjoyed the unlikely publishing coup of having no competition.But any fear that this novel is a stereotypical Boys in the Sand tome is immediately dashed.The pages were stiffened with age and the tome smelt fusty, like a damp cloth left to dry on a radiator.Ivana insists the tome is pure fiction.