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write-up in Newspapers, printing, publishing topic

write-upˈwrite-up noun [countable]  TCNJUDGEa written opinion about a new book, play, or product in a newspaper, magazine etc syn review The play got a really good write-up (=it was praised) in the press.
Examples from the Corpus
write-upAfter a write-up in Yankee magazine, orders started pouring in.Did you see Martin Amis' write-up of the book in the Observer?Editorial competition A competition is another device for promoting your product or services by name in terms of both write-up and pictures.If they are favourable words, it could be the first write-up of many. 4.Morris' play got a really good write-up in the press.The film didn't get a very good write-up in Time Out.Have some spare copies of your phonology or grammar write-ups to give to anyone interested.As it wasn't mentioned in the Newsletter write-up Geoff's theory is that she was booted out.After a fair few spot-on write-ups in the last few months, now the fashion pack moved in on him.Do not believe the optimistic write-ups in the training brochures.In this case, treat the write-up as yet another learning experience informing you of strong and problem areas.