Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of calculare, from calculus 'stone used in counting'; CALCULUS


cal‧cu‧late S2 W3 [transitive]
1 to find out how much something will cost, how long something will take etc, by using numbers:
These instruments calculate distances precisely.
calculate how much/how many etc
I'm trying to calculate how much paint we need.
calculate (that)
Sally calculated that she'd have about £100 left.
calculate something on something
Rates are calculated on an hourly basis.
2 to guess something using as many facts as you can find
calculate (that)
Researchers calculated that this group was at a higher risk of heart disease.
calculate how/what/whether etc
It's difficult to calculate what effect all these changes will have on the company.

be calculated to do something

to be intended to have a particular effect:
a question calculated to embarrass him

calculate on something

phrasal verb
if you calculate on something, you are depending on it for your plans to succeed:
We're calculating on an early start.
calculate on somebody/something doing something
Ken hadn't calculated on Polson refusing his offer.

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