Language: Old English


number, noun
hun‧dred plural hundred or hundreds
1HMN the number 100:
The tree was probably a hundred years old.
two/three/four etc hundred
I make nine hundred dollars a week.
a journey of 15 hundred miles
hundreds of people/years/pounds etc
Hundreds of people were reported killed or wounded.
2 a very large number of things or people
a hundred
They've had this argument a hundred times before.
hundreds of something
He's had hundreds of girlfriends.

a/one hundred percent

a) completely:
I'm not a hundred percent sure where she lives.
b) British English completely well:
I'm still not really feeling a hundred per cent.

give a hundred percent

also give a hundred and ten percent to do everything you can in order to achieve something:
Everyone on the team gave a hundred percent.
5 [countable] a piece of paper money that is worth 100 dollars or 100 pounds
hundredth adjective:
her hundredth birthday
hundredth noun [countable]

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