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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlogarithmlog‧a‧rith‧m /ˈlɒɡərɪðəm $ ˈlɒː-, ˈlɑː-/ noun [countable] technical  HMa number representing another number in a mathematical system so that complicated calculations can be done as simple addition
Examples from the Corpus
logarithmLike logarithms and Milton it was just another burden to be borne.Mispricings were defined as the natural logarithm of the actual futures price minus the natural logarithm of the no-arbitrage futures price.For minute-to-minute data, they computed the natural logarithm of the variance of price changes for each day.Expected values of birth weight for gestational age were obtained by regressing the natural logarithm of birth weight on gestational age.The idea of logarithms is based on exponents.Volume was measured as the logarithm of the number of futures contracts traded each day in the near contract.Hence, the use of the change in the logarithm of prices implicitly assumes that F t is the sum invested.The change in the logarithm of prices has the advantage of being scale-independent.