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medianmedian2 adjective  1 being the middle number or measurement in a set of numbers or measurements that have been arranged in orderaverage The median age of the group is 42.2 in or passing through the middle of something
Examples from the Corpus
medianThe median age of the patients is 54 and men are affected twice as often as women.The median clearance time of newly acquired human papillomavirus was 6 months.Those patients who present with metastatic disease and are treated with maximal endocrine treatment will have a median survival of 36 months.Preoperative radiotherapy did not prolong the median survival time.Among those who do, Federal Reserve Board researchers found, the median value of those accounts in 1995.The median voter model can be applied directly to yield predictions about the determinants of public expenditure.Any such level of output will put the median voter on a higher indifference curve than would the reversion level.