Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: Old Italian milione, from mille 'thousand', from Latin; MILLI-


number, noun
mil‧lion plural million or millions
1HMN the number 1,000,000:
The book sold more than a million copies.
two/three/four etc million
seven million dollars
£37 million of new investment
millions of pounds/dollars etc
Millions of pounds were lost in Western aid.
2 an extremely large number of people or things
a million
I've got a million ideas.
millions of something
She has millions of friends.

not/never in a million years

spoken used to emphasize that something is impossible or very unlikely to happen:
She'll never believe me. Not in a million years.

look/feel like a million dollars/bucks

informal especially American English to look very attractive or feel very happy and healthy

in a million

a) the best of all possible people or things:
She's a wife in a million.
He's so generous. He's one in a million.
b) used to show how unlikely something is:
It was a chance in a million that we'd find a fossil.
millionth adjective:
The park has just received its millionth visitor.
millionth noun [countable]

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