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scorescore3 number πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 (plural score)HMN a group of 20, or about 20, people or thingsa score of something πŸ”Š Our coach was escorted by a score of policemen.three score years and ten old use (=70 years, a person’s expected length of life)2 β†’ scores of something3 β†’ by the score
Examples from the Corpus
scoreβ€’ These words would all have the same or a very similar score and would combine exponentially into word paths.β€’ The score of 87 represents low or below-average academic aptitude.β€’ On this score they were identical to the preceding game: slow starters with a propensity to give away simple penalties.β€’ Individual scores were then aggregated to derive shift, department, division, and plant totals.a score of somethingβ€’ Provisional qualifying requires a score of 5,350.β€’ A score of 5 was awarded for 100 percent presence of the variable and a score of 1 for a minimal presence.β€’ Gilchrist replaced him and made quite a debut-six dismissals and a score of 81.β€’ Smoke from a score of chain-smokers wreathed its funereal patterns.β€’ Aluminium smelters are only one of a score of industries which now pollute the total environment with fluoride emissions and solid wastes.β€’ Only a score of people work at any one time.β€’ We passed about a score of Portosan toilets, which seemed to be all that had been brought in.