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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsecondsec‧ond1 /ˈsekənd/ ●●● S1 W1 number  1 HMNthe second person, thing, event etc is the one that comes after the first the Second World War the second of August a second year student his second wife Clinton’s second term in office the second half of the year the second time in three days2 the position in a competition or scale that comes after the one that is the best, most successful etc She won second prize. They climbed to second place in the League.second largest/most successful etc Africa’s second highest mountainbe second only to something (=used to emphasize that something is nearly the largest, most important etc) The euro will have a circulation second only to that of the dollar.3 another example of the same thing, or another in addition to the one you have We advertised for a second guitarist. There was a second reason for his dismissal. I asked the doctor for a second opinion (=when you ask another person to repeat an examination, test etc for you).4 every second year/person/thing etc5 be second to none6 second chance7 have second thoughts8 on second thoughts9 not give something a second thought/without a second thought10 not give something a second glance/look11 be/become second nature (to somebody)12 second wind
Examples from the Corpus
secondHe is not paid £20 million a year to come second.Another forecaster places it second, and two others pick it to tie for runner-up.Thus this second part is simply the tape that supposed to act on.A second, then third decimation began.The second was a glass dome, the size of a man, and a little taller than our hero.second largest/most successful etcThis has been the second most successful method of recruitment. 2.second opinionAlso, slides and pathology reports can be obtained for second opinions.If in doubt, get a second opinion.It seems okay, but you want a second opinion.You want more than just a second opinion.For a second opinion, I called the World Future Society.In fact it was she who had advised him to get a second opinion on the matter, from a lawyer.We can give the young reader a second opinion on what is being read.A second opinion was called for, and furnished.