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setset2 ●●● S1 W1 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 group of things [countable]GROUP OF THINGS a group of similar things that belong together or are related in some wayset of πŸ”Š a set of tools πŸ”Š We face a new set of problems. πŸ”Š The older generation have a different set of values. πŸ”Š a chess set2 television/radio [countable]TCB a television, or a piece of equipment for receiving radio signals πŸ”Š a colour television set3 film [countable]AMF a place where a film or television programme is filmedon set/on the set πŸ”Š Cruise met Kidman on the set of β€˜Days of Thunder’.4 stage [countable]APT the scenery, furniture etc used on a stage in a play or in the place where a film or television show is being made5 sport [countable]DS one part of a game such as tennis or volleyball πŸ”Š Nadal won the second set 6–4.6 people [singular]FRIEND a group of people who are similar in some way and spend time together socially πŸ”Š a favourite meeting place of the smart set (=rich and fashionable people) πŸ”Š Val got in with a wild set at college. β†’ jet set7 β†’ the set of somebody’s face/jaw/shoulders etc8 music [countable]APM a performance by a singer, band, or disc jockey πŸ”Š Sasha performed a three-hour set.9 maths [countable] technicalHMN a group of numbers, shapes etc in mathematics πŸ”Š The set (x, y) has two members.10 students [countable] British EnglishSESCLASS/GROUP OF STUDENTS a group of children who are taught a particular school subject together because they have the same level of ability in that subject syn streamtop/bottom etc set πŸ”Š Adam’s in the top set for maths.11 onion [countable]DLGHBP a small onion that you plant in order to grow bigger ones πŸ”Š onion sets
Examples from the Corpus
setβ€’ On February 6 the group presented to college president Buell Gallagher a set of five demands.β€’ Amy bought him a set of tools for metal and woodworking.β€’ You could machine a set of four in a day.β€’ We started the meeting by agreeing on a set of objectives.β€’ The head teacher was presented with a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, worth more than Β£1,600.β€’ a set of commemorative gold coinsβ€’ She likes to mingle with the arty set.β€’ You'll get a better set if you use gelatin.β€’ I was useless at school -- always in the bottom set in every subject.β€’ For sale - "The Guitarist" magazine - complete set, 1984-1992.β€’ a cutlery setβ€’ Four different sets of stimuli were used.β€’ The first set of questions wasn't too bad, but they got really difficult after that.β€’ We think you've improved sufficiently to go up to a higher set.β€’ In addition, Ariat, which is carried by equestrian retailers and at Nordstrom, has made inroads beyond the horsey set.β€’ She's in set one for maths and English and set two for history.β€’ Like Mount Everest, the Mandelbrot set is just there!β€’ Richard had been passed from one set of foster parents to another until he was ten.β€’ In the second set, Sampras led 5 - 4.β€’ But this is actually only one of six sets of regulations and guidance which are due to come into force.β€’ I gave a spare set of house keys to my neighbours.β€’ a color television setβ€’ Wagner won a Tony for the set of "On the Twentieth Century."β€’ She was on the set early to read over her new lines.β€’ He soon hooked up with the set of young people he knew who had already moved to the city.β€’ a train setβ€’ He thus developed a theory which argues that there are two sets of factors at work.set ofβ€’ I'm thinking of buying a set of golf clubs.β€’ It was a peculiar set of events that brought me here.β€’ His determination to win was evident in the set of his jaw.television setβ€’ It is designed to sit in the living room and plug into a television set and hi-fi.β€’ I could see the flicker of a television set reflected in the glass, though.β€’ Moments before boarding I caught a glimpse of a television set in the departure lounge.β€’ She watched events on a color television set in the cubicle where she sat, collecting fees from her customers.β€’ Chances are you have at least one television set in your home that is used by most members of your family.β€’ Only the music centre and the television set were comparatively new.β€’ Margotte rarely turned on the television set.β€’ Four years of free-market reforms and strong agricultural output are cracking open the mammoth market for everything from toiletries to television sets.top/bottom etc setβ€’ When closed together, the top set of teeth should be just in front of the bottom set.