Language: Old English
Origin: twentig


number, noun
1HMN the number 20:
a small village twenty miles from Nairobi
I'm nearly twenty (=20 years old).

the twenties

[plural] also the 20s, the 1920s the years from 1920 to 1929:
In the twenties the business expanded.
the early/mid/late twenties
The photograph was taken in the late twenties.

be in your twenties

to be aged between 20 and 29
early/mid/late twenties
She was in her early twenties when I met her.

in the twenties

if the temperature is in the twenties, it is between 20 degrees and 29 degrees
in the low/mid/high twenties
a warm day, with temperatures in the low twenties
5 [countable] a piece of paper money that is worth £20 or $20:
I offered the driver a twenty.
twentieth adjective, pronoun:
in the twentieth century
her twentieth birthday
I'm planning to leave on the twentieth (=the 20th day of the month).

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